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Early Detection and Accurate Diagnosis

Symptom approach to diagnosis
Cognitive testing in diverse settings
Advances in Biomarkers
Understanding diagnosis: Caregiver perspective
Creating awareness: Society and Media 

Understanding Cause of Dementia

Genetic basis
Neurobiological mechanisms
Treatable medical causes
Lifestyle risk factors 

Optimizing Family Support to People with Dementia: A Community Empowerment Approach 

Therapeutic strategies 

Current pharmacological therapies
Identifying new therapeutic targets
Role of Traditional therapies
Functional rehabilitation 

Emerging Strategies likely to drive future Advances in Alzheimer's 

Behavioural problems in dementia

Behavioural and psychological symptoms in dementia
Social cognition and dementia syndromes
Non-Pharmacological Approaches
Real Life Care Situations
Addressing caregiver stress 

Risk and Protective factors 

Diabetes Mellitus and Cognitive decline
Obesity and dementia
Small Vessel Disease
Stress, personality and dementia
Gut, Diet and cognition
Translating basic research insights into tangible actions for lay-persons in the community

Environment and Dementia

Spatial cognition and dementia
Smart Homes and Innovative designs
Using suitable environments to make communities more dementia friendly.
Adaptations possible/ practical for families for home environments  

Technology in Dementia Care

Models of Dementia Care for Resource Limited Countries

Innovative Models of Dementia Care 
Home based care
Institutional Care.

Problematic issues in dementia

Nutrition & Feeding
Communicating with patients
Sleep disturbances
Including: Experience sharing/ case studies/ practical approaches for home-based and Institutional Care

Legal issues & Finanical Issues

Communication and awareness building: approaches and priorities
Palliative Care and Transcultural Spirituality 

Corporate Social Responsibility in Dementia

Legal/ tax aspects in India
Current trends in Indian CSR
Effective ways to use corporate involvement and skills for the dementia cause 

Awareness Building and Community Support

Special Challenges of Late Stage Care


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