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  1. To bring together experts and stakeholders to reflect and create meaningful strategies to bring hope and relief to persons with dementia and their families
  2. To enable scientists, sociologists, economists and policy makers cover issues ranging from dementia care, support and research relevant to developing countries
  3. To provide a platform for family caregivers, volunteers, NGOs, senior citizens and social entrepreneurs working in this domain, clinicians, researchers, educators and others to share their observations, problems faced, suggestions and conclusions
  4. To consider diverse viewpoints and experiences from both international and national speakers so as to get new insight into the situations and possibilities of interventions, and discuss directions for future work to reduce burden of dementia in India
  5. To ensure participants go back with a deeper understanding / insight of the challenges they need to focus on and find solutions for, and also with ideas for making more effective contributions to the dementia domain
  6. To use the experiences of organizations and individuals working on dementia in India, along with input from international experts and models, to evolve improved approaches for future research, more accessible and useful medical support, and feasible caregiver services and interventions suitable for India
  7. To finalize and submit a National Dementia strategy to the Government of India. for future action
  8. To showcase products and services related to dementia care.

The Secretariat
ARDSI - Bangalore Chapter
(Promoted by Nightingales Medical Trust)
8P6, 3rd A Cross, Kasturinagar, Banaswadi,
Bangalore 560043, Karnataka, India


Phone: +91 80 42426565
Mobile: +91 9243737221