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1. Poster dimensions: 36 inches width and 48 inches height
2. The Board for mounting the poster would be made of cork material,
mounted on stand.
3. Posters should be set up at the venue by 14th September 2017 by 10am
4. The material for printing your posters may be flex or paper 
5. We will allot serial numbers to each poster that will be emailed to you after 11/09/2018 which must be displayed during presentation. Kindly mention your serial number at the upper right hand side of the corner of your poster
6. No audiovisual equipment is permitted for the poster session
7. Presenters should bring their own stationery. No stationery like sticky tape, glue, scissors etc will be provided at the venue.
8. Photographs, diagrams, graphs or any other artwork should also be easily visible from a distance. Illustrations should be in bold graphic display where text is minimized and symbols are maximised. Avoid colours that will distract the viewer from focal parts of your presentation. Avoid using more than 2-3 different fonts in one poster. It is strongly recommended that you use basic fonts that are easy to read. Avoid using all capital letters and use bullet lists where possible instead of paragraphs
9. The author is expected to remain beside her/his poster for the entire duration of the poster session

NOTE: Application for posters are now closed.

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